Freequently Asked Questions

Does my child wear a uniform?

Yes. InshaAllah your child have to wear RC uniform to school. The details about uniform will be discussed in the uniform section

What are the hours of Pre School?

RC begins sharp at 8:30 a.m and ends at 12:30 noon InshaAllah. Mon-Fri will be their working days.

Where do I drop my child off and pick him/her up?

You can drop your child at RC premises. Its best to be 15 min early to school so that the child is ready for the class and does not miss anything.

May I bring my child to school if he or she just has a "little" cold?

We ask that all children remain at home when they first exhibit signs of illness or are still in the contagious stage. Upon your child school, please send a note of explanation regarding the illness.

Do we have to call the school office when our children are going to be absent?

Yes, we ask the all parents call the school office by 8:15 am to report your child’s absence.

Do the children have snacks each day?

Yes Alhamdulillah snacks are provided each day for kids. We will make the snacks is healthy as well as nutritious.

How do you celebrate my child’s birthday in school?

We are happy to tell you that at RC we do not celebrate our students birthdays. Neither do we encourage distributing sweets for this occasion. RC is very particular about following Sunnah of Rasool sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam and abandoning Bidah.

Who do I inform about my child’s food allergies?

You can talk to their respective teachers regarding it.

What does my child need for Pre School?

Your child will require the following:
1) A school bag (avoid the bags with cartoons and pictures containing eyes)
2) Note books as well as text books as per their time table
3) Stationery box along with 3 sharpened pencils, an eraser, a scale and a sharpener.
4) A napkin
5) RC Diary (must be there in the bag all the time)

Can the children nap?

Yes Alhamdulillah. If the child is really tried or sleepy we give them an opportunity to take a nap. But it will not be done daily. RC super juniors are given first priority to take a nap.

Are parents able to volunteer in the classroom and on field trips?

Yes! There are many opportunities for our parents to volunteer not only in the classrooms and on field trips, but through various Dawah activities. Insha’Allah.

What is the number of students in classroom?

There will be 20 children in each class. Each class will have a teacher, an assistant teacher and a caregiver. InshaAllah.

Will my Pre Schooler have homework?

Yes. But not all the time. If the homework is given it will be written in the school diary by the respective teacher. Parents are requested to check the diary daily.

How do you inform parents of what the children are doing each month?

We send home a newsletter every month highlighting the activities that are happening in the class. You will be happy to know that RC teachers will mail you each day regarding their day at RC. So you will know what your child did in school even before your child tells you about it.

Will you inform parents about our children’s development?

We have parents-teacher conferences, to discuss the children’s progress. In addition, we have report cards that provide academic and behavioral feedback to the parents. Parents can feel free to contact the RC teachers anytime they have questions or concerns regarding their children’s progress.

Should I pack a change of clothes for my child?

No. If there is any such problem where your child need a change of uniform, then the RC will provide it. Parents will have to carefully wash the spare uniform and return it back to school the next day.

Do the children go on field trips?

Yes, we try to plan educations as well as fun field trips for children. Permission slips from the RC will be sent home prior to the field trip and are mandatory if you wish your child to attend.

How will I know what is happening during my child’s day?

You are always welcome to call during the day, and when you pick up your child, you will receive a daily activity reports. You child’s teacher will note how long he/she napped, what portion of his/her snack he/she ate and how well he/she is doing with his/her potty. Her teacher will also describe all the fun activities that your child and her friends participated in, and there will always be a little note from teacher to parent regarding a special moment of your child’s day.

May I visit my child during his day?

No! We do not entertain parents visiting the school unless its emergency.

How will I know that my child is safe while I am at work?

Alhamdulillah RC is committed to the safety and security of the children and teachers in their Schools and choose circuit systems that work best their individual locations. In additions to formal security, RC provides the most effective security- that of a personal nature. Visitors are required to present identification and register in visitor logs. Alternative caregivers, authorized by children’s parents, must present identification and password information.

Will my child be challenged academically at RC? I want to know that he is prepared for elementary school?

Yes. At RC, we think the best academic preparation is to encourage you child’s enthusiasm for learning. By providing individual attention in a small group setting, RC teachers nurture each child’s confidence. Learning to ask questions, discovering cause and effect, negotiating fair play and making new friends are all academic building blocks at RC.

How the RC teacher prepare for the classroom setting?

Each RC’s faculty is made up of warm and nurturing teacher with a combination of formal education and experience.

RC teachers are:

All practicing Muslims. They are Selected for their ability to engage children warmly in the learning process through the use of effective and unique lesson plans. Required to fulfill education and/or experience requirements.

Do Children go outside every day?

RC Play area is considered an extension of the classroom. Weather permitting, children play outside every day! Insha Allah


RC is having a set of uniform. It comprises of a t-shirt along with a ankle length pant {+scarf for girls}. The uniform is made out of 100% cotton with soothing texture to make the children comfortable in their uniform.
The is in three different colors.

a) White and red
b) White and blue
c) White and yellow

Children can wear these uniform in any order they wish and there is no compulsion as to when to wear which color uniform. Every parent must buy 1 set of uniform compulsorily (red+blue+yellow). If they wish to buy more they are free to do so. RC recommends t buy an extra pair as it will be helpful in future if required.
Girls will be having a pair of small black scarf as a part of their uniform. RC encourages girls to be modest from very beginning and prepares them to install a love for hijab as it would help her in future.

Note For All Parents For Their Daughters:

RC classes are air conditioned. Hence wearing hijab will not bother them so much. In order to make them more comfortable, tie them a neat pony tail or a neat plat to avoid irritation. Apply a lot of talcum powder around their necks. Insha’Allah there won’t be any problem as the task is only done to make them come closer to Allah.
RC recommends parents to buy crocs shoes (not necessarily original) for their child as it is very comfortable as well as can be worn at all seasons. Shoes with heels, fancy shoes with lights and sounds are not encouraged at RC.
Wearing bangles, fancy wrist watches, anklets, chains are not allowed at RC. Strict action will be taken against those who wear it.

Unifroms Must Be Compulsorily Brought From Rc.

School bags: School bags are the part of your child’s uniform. Bags with film stars or cartoon stars are not entertained islamically as well as at RC. Let the bag have no eyes on it. If the bag has flowers, stars, rainbow etc it is perfectly alright.