• An Islamic environment for each child with an opportunity to develop and grow at his/her own pace.
  • Excellent infrastructure spread in 2.21 acres with build up area of 30,000 Sq ft with luscious garden and playground.
  • Warm, caring, clean, safe, perfect Islamic environment (separate classrooms for boys and girls), highly qualified faculty and caregivers assure that your child’s day is filled with love and learning.
  • CBSE curriculum along with authentic and best sources for Arabic language, Islamic Studies and Hifz-e-Quran.
  • Parents weekly Islamic classes / Workshops (absolutely free).
  • Best advisory committee of scholars from around the world.
  • Daily mails, automated SMS system, updates on social media and monthly newsletter available.
  • Building Comprises of Air-Conditioned classrooms, Libraries, Science Laboratories, Tajweed Lab, Computer Lab, Indoor Games Room, A.V. Room, Auditorium, Salah Area, Cafeteria and Separate wash rooms for           Boys and Girls.
  • To Provide an Islamic setting in which your child will feel safe and happy.
  • Well equipped gym for kindergarten kids.
  • School is equipped with high quality CCTV and access control systems for a secured environment.
  • School mess provides healthy and hygienic breakfast & lunch.
  • Extra curriculum activities like karate, skating and football coaching.
  • Transportation available with GPRS tracking system with CC camera.
The Campus

Ilm is no slave to campus. Ilm just needs intention, sincerity and determination. Walls, bricks and beautiful interiors don’t make a school. We believe in a campus with neat and clean infrastructure is a necessity in today’s competitive world. Hence it forms an important base is one's learning life.

Red Camels Islamic School campus rests on a beautiful 2.21 Acre Land in picturesque Kelarai locality of Mangalore. The coalition of campus is unique with respect of scenic beauty and panoramic view away from every detracts .

The campus has an academic building with spacious modern and inviting class rooms. Each rooms consists of addressing tables, customized furniture, wall clocks, storage cabinets, informative board and air conditioner. The building also comprises of Library, Hifz room, science laboratories, Tajweed lab, Computer lab, Indoor Games room, A-V room, Auditorium, Cafeteria, Hygienic wash rooms, Wudoo area, Salah hall (Separate for Boys and Girls). It is complemented by large playgrounds and landscaped, luxurious greenery.

Smart Classrooms

Our Classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, interactive smart boards and projectors. Teaching through the latest technology is the on-going motto of the school. All the teachers are trained to teach through interactive smart class, to make teaching enjoyable and refreshing. Interactive Smart Board is an innovative comprehensive solution designed to the specific curriculum guidelines for use in class.

Islamic Classes For Parents

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said “This world is cursed, as in everything in it, except for remembrance of Allah (dhikr) and what he likes (righteous deeds) and a scholar or a student”.

The path to knowledge is lengthy and it is a lifetime project. The seekers of Knowledge will continue to seek it until he meets Allah. Hence on this theory, Red Camels Islamic School gives on opportunity to learn Islam, not only to student enrolled here, But also to their parents and guardians. This is an opportunity to each one, to correct oneself, Islamise their lives, bond with one another well and connect the entire family together.

Every week In Sha Allah there will be classes for parents and guardians so that they create a perfect Islamic environment at home and make this world a better place to live. Classes will be held with audio –visual learning system. Guest speakers will be invited once in a month. Islamic workshops too will be held on important topics. By the Grace and Mercy of Allah, these classes are absolutely free.

Monthly Newsletter

A school newsletter system is not very common in Indian educational system. This is a facility provided by the school to the parents or their near and dear ones to know monthly activities or development of the school, as well as its enrolled staff and students.

The news letter will be of around 16 pages, with the best of quality magazine, multicolored class pictures as well as articles which also includes Islamic parenting tips written by great scholars, school students, staff and much more. An yearly subscription comprises of 11 editions. In Sha Allah.

Automated SMS System


Automated SMS System is a complete solution for school communications with parents and students. It assures Student – Truancy reduction and provides emergency SMS alerts to parents and students or any selected group.

Benefits to Parents:

  • * Child’s attendance at school, absentees alert.
  • * Change in bus schedule or cancellation of any bus route.
  • * Sudden declaration of a holiday or extension of vacation.
  • * Schedules and reminders for parent and teacher meet.
  • * Examination timetables.
  • * Monthly/annual report card delivery.
  • * Fee Payment Details and reminders.
  • * Any other events notifications like annual day, sports meet etc.
  • * Be informed about your child’s academic performance at all times.
Beyond Academics

Nutritious breakfast/Meals: As the saying goes, A health outside from the health inside. Whatever goes inside has a great impact a person’s health. A heathy nutritious breakfast meal is like oxygen. One cannot survive on junk for long. Red Camels Islamic School, provides daily breakfast.

The meal is cooked at school in a well hygienic kitchen area. The menu changes everyday providing the student to a hands free experience to school by not having anything to carry from home. Food is a blessing from Allah. Along with this blessings students are through the etiquettes of having a meal according to sunnah along with the respective invocations.

Sports and Activities

Sports and extra-curricular activities are an intrinsic part of the comprehensive facilities provided at Red Camels to foster the all round development of your child. We have adequate playground and sports facilities to meet the institution’s needs.

Apart From facilitating talent and physical development, sports also nurtures valuable social traits like team work, competitiveness and goal orientation, which are so essential for success in life. Along with sports , Red Camels also provides exposure to karate and skating

Karate Training

Art of self defence is Sunnah. Karate is a valuable martial art which trains one in self-defence and also develops fitness, self discipline and the ability to make healthy choices.

At Red Camels , Karate classes are held once a week wherein a qualified instructor will train the kids on the basics of this classical art. Participating in these classes will boost child’s self-confidence, energy and vitality, empowering him or her to face life’s challenges with ease.


Skating is a graceful sporting activity which calls for immense talent and skill. It develops focus and balance, while also stimulates social skills and competitive ability.

Red Camels has an excellent skating ring, where experienced instructors will train your child in the delicate art and sport of skating.


Football is an excellent sport and the most favorite one among the boys at our school. The players are religiously practiced under our coach 'Dada Peer' from Bangalore, national award player.

The boys are also trained under our chairperson, Br.Mohammed Nawaz who is also a football champion and the only certified football referee in entire Dakshina Kannada.

The team has won several inter school competitions and many more to come In Sha Allah.


The transportation of student is quick and convenient due to a fleet of buses with a well planned routing. The school transport will have GPS Tracking and control system for safety of the student and for parents information.


There is no guardian better than Allah. Our Lives are always in His hands . Not even a leaf sheds from the tree without His permission, but taking care of oneself as well as others is equally important. The security of each and every child at school is priority. The school is always under surveillance of the cameras.

No staff will be allowed to raise hands or man –handle students in a wrong way. Apart from this each standard has 2 divisions with a separate classroom for boys and girls. The school maintains a record for visitors, with 2 guards for 24 hours. Camera surveillance installed with high quality cameras and access control systems to achieve a secured environments for students, staff and management.