Welcome To Red Camels

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Good Education is a necessity for individuals and societies.

If a person Locks in this , her/she may be faced with same difficulties and hardship in life Education is one of the blessings that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, has bestowed upon humanity as indicated by the verses in which He, may be glorified and exalted says;

“Recite in the name of your Lord who created, Created man from a dinging substance, Recite, and your lord in the most generous –who taught by the pen”(Al-Alaq 96:4-1)

Red camels Islamic school students are individuals with their own distinct takes on life and their own unique goals. But one must remember that it is like an other blessings that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has bestowed and wants us to use it in obedience to him.

Red Camels Islamic is born out of the ideology that only secular education is not sufficient for the ultimate success of a believer. At Red Camels, we strongly believe that true success is in the success of the Hereafter. Hence our motto is “Learning for life and hereafter”.

School Name

The name of the school “Red Camels” has been several authentic Hadeeth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ‘alayhi wa sallam .Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu’ alayhi wa sallam said : If Allah were to guide one man at your hands . that would be better for you than Red Camels (agreed upon).

Red camels are the best kind of camels. Hence, we can see the term was used many a times by Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu’alayhi wa sasllam to denote the importance or the value of a particular thing.

We also believe that name usually has inevitably effect. Hence when one names someone or something it should be meaningful and remindful of Allah. What better name could we think of apart from Red Camels for these precious children?

The logo of Red Camels symbolizes the student of Red Camels. The logo comprises of two kind where one is symbolized with a dull colour whereas the other with bright Red. The Bright symbolises Red Camels student who is ahead of the another one because this student is learning for life as well as Hereafter.

About Us

Red Camels Islamic School is unique and stand apart. It strives for the best in life and Hereafter. No matter how intelligent or educated a believer is, without the knowledge of his deen, his intelligence is useless.

It is the only school provides a perfect Islamic environment for student and keeps every major to minor point of Halaal and Haraam in consideration.

Alhamdullilah. The education for life is beautifully blended here with the deen. We not only give them the knowledge of Islam but also motivate them to practice it throughout their life. The deen is instilled within the young minds and the foundation of Aqeedah is made unshakable. Alhamdullilah.


Our vision is to provide best education for children, together with their peers in a joyful, nurturning and safe learning environment.

The mission of red camels is firstly to put a foundation in every young believer, to become a righteous follower as well as preachers of Islam. The mission is to provide an opportunity for each child to be a lifelong learner, to prepare each child to become independent, to maximize readiness for ongoing school experiences, and to promote Islamic education.